Do you know the internal condition of your ventilation ductwork system?

If you are not 100% sure you may need Cleanvent to carry out an internal duct work survey to ensure that your system meets with your insurers health and safety requirements.

The survey will be carried out using a CCTV robot which will relay movie images direct to a DVD recorder. You as the client will be presented with a copy of the DVD along with a full written report and photographs.

During the course of the survey, disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum and can even be carried out outside of normal working hours if necessary ie evenings and weekends.

After a survey has been carried out, Cleanvent will if necessary, clean your system to meet the current industry standards as set out in TR 19, (internal cleanliness of ventilation systems).

Make sure that your system is clean and you will protect yourself from potential legal action/ withdrawl of insurance cover and from down time due to employee absenteeism.

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